Our beloved podcast series is finally back and this mix was definitely worth the wait.  Another mix coming to us via NYC -  Alex Koplin (Headup) was introduced to us by our good friend and TRANSMISSION:OLDgOLD alum Alex Moh (Gunnie).  

Koplin is an interdisciplinary creative working in graphics, branding, music, video, and likely anything else that exists in this world of ours and we are delighted to be sharing this wonderful selection with you.  We urge you to check out some of his work as well and his fine blog.



Martin Beume - Solid Rubber
Nebraska - Time Has Come
Andy Hart - Tell Her You Know
Fantastic Man - Groove With You
Chet Faker - Love and Feeling (Sleep D Mix)
Iron Curtis - You, On a Friday Night
Francis Inferno Orchestra - Meet Me In Salt Lake City (Soul Clap Remix)
Kitano - Going Home
The Soul Renegades - Darlin'
Genius of Time - Drifting Back
Mario & Vidis - Loove Wars
SE62 - Wax Pencils
Telma & Luisa - My Luv
James Teej - Fame

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